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Adjusting To COVID-19

At Valley Orthodontics, your safety and the safety of our team is of utmost importance during the Coronavirus global pandemic. Valley Orthodontics abides by all recommended CDC, OSHA and ADA protocols.  Our patient's and their families will experience appointments that are both safe and comforting.  

Valley Orthodontics implements the following COVID protective safety measures for your protection:

  • Wearing proper PPE at all times.

  • Limiting the number of patients seen inside the office at one time (two maximum).

  • Medical grade instrument sterilization.

  • Environmental disinfection between each patient appointment.

  • Several HEPA filters throughout the office.

  • Sneeze screens at the front desk.

  • Use of our outdoor spaces (the front courtyard and back garden area) for family members to relax during their child's appointment.

  • Virtual consultations via Zoom or Facetime. 

  • All documents are Docusign (no more paper and clipboards!)

  • Mandating the use of facemasks for all patients and team members in the office and in the courtyard and garden areas.

  • Performing COVID screenings and temperature checks before anyone who enters the office.

  • Frequent and regular COVID testing of Dr. Valley and all team members.


Our Private Reception Area!

As a parent or guardian bringing your child for their appointment, we will escort you to our private outdoor garden reception area where we welcome one family at a time to relax and observe your child being treated in the clinic area. You will have easy access to Dr. Valley and her team for questions and conversations. If you prefer to remain in your car, we can communicate through Zoom, Facetme or a simple phone call. After your child's appointment they will be guided out to the garden area to meet their parents and exit the building area. All children whose parents chose to remain in their car will be escorted back to their car by a team member.


A Simplified Appointment Check List


Arrive 5 minutes early at front entrance of Valley Orthodontics


Knock on the door or call from your car to inform us that you have arrived at the office.


You or the parent/guardian will Complete the Wellness Check Questionnaire and Consent  which will be given to you upon your appointment arrival. 


Parent/Guardians: You can either stay in your car and park in front of the back garden, or you can walk to our Private guardian and wait there.


You will then receive a call (if you haven't yet) to schedule a new appointment!


Bring a mask  to wear into and out of your appointment


A team member will greet you outside the front door and "screen" you by asking COVID-19 questions, and taking your temperature.


You will be asked to wait at the front or taken in while wearing a mask and the staff will touch the door handles for you


Once your appointment is over, you will be asked to exit through the garden (and may be escorted to your car if your a minor)


Have a nice day and don't forget to smile!

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