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What to expect on the first day of braces


School/Work Attendance:

The appointment to place braces is usually 1.5-2.5 hours long. We request that this appointment be scheduled in the morning when you or your child is most alert and less tired. This is also a time of the day when the office is quieter, as opposed to after school hours. After this appointment you or your child should be well enough to return to work or school for the remainder of the day. 

Foods to Prepare and Eat

The bonding adhesives used to attach braces take approximately 24 hours to reach maximum strength. Therefore, it is important not to eat hard or crunchy food immediately (or during the duration of your treatment) or the braces may come off. Also, as your teeth begin to move and become straight, you will find that a soft diet for the first three days is most comfortable. At your first appointment, we will provide you with recommendations for foods to avoid and suggestions for foods to prepare to protect your braces and teeth. 

Mild Discomfort

Mild tooth discomfort may begin a few hours after the braces are placed and last (on average) up to three days. Ibuprofen is the analgesic medication of choice (Advil or Motrin). If you feel you or your child may benefit from Ibuprofen, take it 30 minutes before the appointment as prescribed. Every person's pain threshold is different, so please use your discretion and follow pain management as directed by your physician or your child's pediatrician. 


A clear choice for a straight smile

Book your complimentary consultation with Valley orthodontics today to find out if clear braces are right for you.

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