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Meet our 

Office Assistants

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Lauren Bacon

My name is Lauren I'm a College Student at UC Davis and I am also one of Anna's daughter. I love to play soccer and hangout with my friends along with my twin sister, Taylor, (to the right)! I was a patient at Valley Orthodontics twice so I've had my fair share of experience!


Taylor Bacon

My name is Taylor and I am Anna's other daughter who is attending the Oregon State University. Some of my favorite hobbies include reading, hanging out with friends, and playing soccer.

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Keegan Searles

I'm Keegan, a College student at UC Santa Cruz. I enjoy painting and napping. I've had two sets of braces treatment throughout elementary and middle school (and I have no regrets)! Lastly, fun fact, I can fit my entire fist in my mouth!

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Caroline Henry

My name is Caroline and I attend the University of Leeds in the UK. I have worked with Dr. Valley (my mom) and Anna for several years now and also was a patient too! I have a Miniature Golden Doodle named Ginger Snap who loves to eat cheese! I enjoy meeting new people, painting, reading, and Thai food!


Claire Henry

I am Claire, Dr. Valleys second daughter! I'm a student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland and I play water polo. I have been involved in my mother's practice since middle school (both as a patient and helping in the practice). I even had braces on my two front teeth in elementary school (thanks mom).


Enjoy the new and improved website I put together for more info about VO! 


Chess Sagastume

I'm Chess! I'm a College Student at the California State University, Chico and some of my favorite hobbies include being an instrument-wiz as I like to play piano, ukulele, guitar (acoustic and electric), Bass and of course the Kazoo! I have been working at VO since 8th grade, and have currently finished my braces treatment (I highly recommend Valley Orthodontics! :)

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