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An example of healthy enamel after orthodontic treatment with Opal Seal.

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An example of decalcification resulting from improper oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment

At Valley Orthodontics, we look for ways to improve results using the highest quality products and materials.  This is where Opal Seal comes in.   
​Opal Seal is a revolutionary new orthodontic primer that both keeps the brackets securely in place and improves enamel health during treatment.

​People with braces have more bacteria on their teeth than people without braces due to plaque build up in the small spaces around the brackets and wires.  Even with regular brushing and flossing, braces make it difficult to keep your teeth clean.


Why Does It Matter?

When acid from plaque and bacteria sits on the teeth long enough, it begins leeching calcium from the enamel. The result is decalcification or ugly white spots on your teeth.  

How does it work?

Before placing brackets on the teeth, we apply a thin layer of Opal Seal to the surface of the tooth.  Covering the entire surface creates a barrier between the plaque and the enamel.  In addition, Opal Seal contains fluoride, which it releases onto the tooth surface beneath it.  Fluoride is an essential mineral for preserving healthy enamel, so it provides added protection against bacteria.

Opal Seal alone cannot protect your teeth, but if it is combined with proper oral hygiene, it can help your smile stay bright and healthy.

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