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Alison Mendez

Orthodontic Assistant

Alison, a Sonoma County native, dove into the workforce early at the age 13-14, starting as a dishwasher at her parents' Mexican restaurant in scenic Bodega Bay. The transition from scrubbing dishes at 14 to gradually becoming a waitress showcased her work ethic and adaptability.

While waitressing became a love, Alison harbored a dream of delving into a dental career. Her pursuit led her to Santa Rosa Junior College for Dental Hygiene, but the pandemic posed challenges in securing necessary classes. Undeterred, she explored Dental Assisting during this period, eventually discovering her passion for orthodontic work through internships and enrollment.

Outside the dental world, Alison finds joy in fitness, engaging in weightlifting adventures with her boyfriend. As well as small getaways with her partner and family. 

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