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We are pleased to offer our patients The Damon® System

There are numerous benefits associated with Damon braces.  While these types of braces are considered to be revolutionary among orthodontists, they are also considered to be exceptionally popular among those who desire to have a beautiful smile.


Damon braces allow your teeth to move more comfortably and easily than traditional braces. Thanks to these innovative new braces, achieving your perfect smile will be faster and easier than you ever thought possible.


The Damon system of orthodontics is a passive, self-ligating method of correcting malocclusions. Passive self-ligating systems use brackets that do not require colored elastic ties to hold the wires in place in the brackets. To hold the wires in place, the Damon System uses small sliding doors.  Thus, the wires freely slide through the slots without friction and lighter forces to move teeth are required.  With lighter forces, tooth movement has been claimed to occur more rapidly and more comfortably by many doctors.


In addition, no colored elastic ties means better oral hygiene, since they are a significant trap for oral bacteria. Also, the Damon braces are small and very comfortable.  Patients have the option of either metal or clear brackets that do not discolor.

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